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After a day on the beach, I felt in the pocket of my swim trunks and told my wife, "I've got a pocket full of sand". She said, "Hmm, 'Pocket Full of Sand'... that sounds like song title." And there ya go!


I know we walked in the sand in Hanapepe watching the sun drop into the sea.
I think we played in the waves at Brennecke’s Beach. We swam beyond the rocks and you stayed near me.
Because now...
I've got a pocket full of sand. And I have, another pocket full of seashells.
And I've got one more pocket that’s empty, ready and waiting, for tomorrow to fill.
We must have walked in the morning to a waterfall. A lovely, secluded oasis for two.
I know we swam in the surf in Hanalei.
We laid on the beach and I sang to you
Because now…